House Removals in Stansted

House Removals in Stansted

Removals in Stansted

At Direct Moves, House removals in Stansted, we carry out professional, caring removals with polite staff and provide free no obligation quotes. Our uniformed staff are fully trained in the standards of furniture removals and packing to ensure that your removal runs smoothly and all items are moved safely.

We can provide you with a range of removal services in Stansted including packing and piano moves for domestic or commercial clients as well as self-storage and cleaning services for both properties.
Protect yourself on the day of removal with our delay bond. Direct Moves will guarantee you a complete professional removal.

If you require more information regarding removals in Stansted, contact us today by filling in the form on the enquiries page and we will respond as soon as possible.

House Removals in Stansted - Packing Services in Stansted

Looking after your belonging is our number one priority during the move, that's why we supply a range of packing materials to keep your items safe and secure.

We can provide the following for your move in Stansted:
• FREE Packing Carton
• FREE Packing Tissue
• Hanging Garment Rails
• Tape
• Mattress Covers and More

House Removals in Stansted - Piano Moving in Stansted

Pianos can have sentimental value as well as financial value, that's why we specialise in piano moves, taking the greatest care and planning to ensure your piano is taken care of throughout the move.

It is advised that you only used trained professional piano movers as there are many factors which can damage your piano during a move.

House Removals in Stansted - Domestic Removals in Stansted

With a busy lifestyle, we know the importance of a stress free move. Direct moves can provide that with a complete removals service from packing and storage to nationwide removals or overseas removals.

We can take on all the planning, allowing you to simply relax and get on with life in your new home. Discuss your options with one of our trained members of staff who is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

If you require domestic removals in Stansted, please contact us today for more information or to book our removals team.

House Removals in Stansted - Commercial Removals in Stansted

We understand that when you need to move your business, you require minimal disruption to your staff and clients, allowing your business to continue as normal as possible. Our professional team of movers provide specialised services for commercial moves, providing equipment for the safe removal or larger objects such as photocopiers and desks.

We also provide the packing materials to remove all equipment and furniture securely, making sure items are well protected throughout.

If you require House removals in Stansted, please contact us today for more information or to book our removals team.

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