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Box Clever

Yes, of course you can pack your household items yourself, here’s a few handy tips:-

Start packing one room at a time – perhaps start at the top of the house and work your way down.

Never put heavy objects on top of fragile ones.

Pack heavy items like books in small boxes so they are not too heavy to carry.

Label the box with which room its to be placed into.

Clothing and linens in drawers can remain, no need to pack these.

Wardrobe clothes can be transferred directly into our hanging garment carriers keeping them crease free.

Pack plates and bowls on their side, like soldiers.

Prepare an essentials box for the moving day so that things you need to hand can be found quickly, such as the kettle and tea bags!  Its thirsty work moving home.

When packing this will give you a chance to dispose of any unused/unwanted items so you only take things you really want to your new home – decluttering is good for you.

Do not overload the boxes and make sure you do not leave it until the last minute to make a start on your packing.

……if you would rather not pack then we will be able to help with this, just give us advance warning  so that we can provide staff and materials in time for your moving day.

See our packing services page for more information:

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