Business Relocation

Business Relocation


Direct Moves will take great care with your removal.

Direct Moves will assist in moving your furniture, files, computers etc efficiently and cost-effectively with the minimum of disruption possible. We understand the importance of ensuring staff are up and running and comfortable in their new surroundings as soon as possible.

We offer a comprehensive service , so that it can be adapted to your requirements. All aspects of your planned move will be discussed with our experienced surveyors who will ensure that all your details and requests are noted.

We also offer a packing service for your business relocation. This is colour coded making it more convenient to arrange at your new offices where our staff will arrange your new workstations.

Direct Moves can provide a move manager for your business relocation to follow your specific requests, whether you are a small or large company. This is all part of our service to provide an organised and stress free move.

However, any moving of furniture and effects involves an element of risk, so insurance cover is always advisable.

Your furniture and effects will be insured throughout the move to give you peace of mind.

If you’d like further information about insurance and liability arrangements please contact us on 01279 726641. 

Moving Tips...

If you are packing the house yourself into boxes make sure you start by de-cluttering first, no need to take things you don’t want to your new home. You should have your house all packed up apart from the essential a week before your removal, then on your moving day you will only have a couple of boxes to pack, then sit back and relax and let us do the rest.
Pack an essentials box with kettle, toilet paper, few plates/cups and cutlery, we can put this on last of all then it will be first off….also the lads favourite Hob Nobs.
Any protruding nails or hooks in your walls to be removed in case of injury or damage to your furniture.
If we are due to carry out a packing services for you, leave all glass and china ware in the cupboards, do not empty onto a work surface or tables as we will need the space for packing stations.
Parking vehicles can be problematic, it would be helpful if you inform neighbours when you are moving so that enough free space is available to park the vehicle, also it will let neighbours know of any temporary inconvenience.
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